Reire offers you three advantageous services: processing systems, technical and lab staff, advice on regulations.

Processing systems

Mixing and packaging of mixes prepared to your recipe and customized branded packaging, from a few grams to 25 kg.

Technical and laboratory staff

Experienced operators and technicians guarantee accurate weighing and optimal mixing of powdered  ingredients.

Technical advice on regulations

Our staff offers technical advice and update information on current food industry regulations.


Starting from your recipe, we offer advice for the management of the mix, with the possibility of choosing from more than 300 powdered food ingredients. Our services include: design of packaging, selection of secondary packaging, type and size of package, labelling, calculation of quotation, preparation of test samples and scheduling of productions.

With the possibility of choosing between more than 300 SKUs from our raw ingredients catalogue, we prepare the mix to your recipe, measuring ingredients with precision, ensuring reduction of costs and production times while significantly limiting the probability of errors. Special interest has been shown for mixes where products containing milk, sugar and protein are the main part, because of the type of systems required.

Packages range in size from a few grams to 25 kg and can be customized with the client’s brand. The packages are filled to customized weight, ready for use, tailored to the client’s recipe, whether the product is a mix or a single raw ingredient.


From a few grams to 35 grams


From 100 grams to 5 kg


From 9 kg to 25 kg

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