Powdered milk
and food raw materials
Since 1977 ingredients for the food industry
Your preparations
in good hands
Your recipes and our ingredients mixed
with care and attention in personalized packs
Quality and safety of the products: this is our daily commitment

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Raw materials and powder ingredients for the food industry
With you since 1977

For more than thirty years we have been working with you to ensure a wide selection of raw materials and provide a fully qualified service that makes us the ideal partner for all your production activities.
Every day we choose safe and certified products that come from selected companies within the European Community to offer you quality at the right price.

Certification and quality: our quality services

Our primary objective is to guarantee quality of products and services. For this reason we pay special attention to published manufacturer product’s certifications, and laboratories’, to ensure they are constantly updated and improved. The technical staff is available to the customers for special requests and needs and to assist on the latests news regarding regulations in force.

Personalized food preparations

We have 6 modern automated lines for mixing and packing the powder preparations in packs ranging from 25 kg to just a few grams, this allows us to meet the needs of all customers.
New completely automated plants, closed circuit powders cycles and periodic checks carried out in our own laboratory guarantee better quality at competitive prices.


Our products come from companies certified by the European Community and are guaranteed by high quality standards of internal controls. We supply industrial food production and marketing as well as small artisan companies.

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