Various types of milk for different uses. Our milk comes from reliable, certified farms to give you a guarantee of quality.


For these special products we can provide certificates on request: Kosher, Halal and pre-export veterinary certificate.

1.   Milcherzeugnisse

Butter in Pulverform

Mascarpone in Pulverform

Jogurt in Pulverform

Buttermilch in Pulverform


Molke in Pulverform

Molkespray in Pulverform

Sofortmolke in Pulverform

Molkepermeat in Pulverform

Entmineralisierte Molke in Pulverform


Konzentrierte Molkeproteine in Pulverform

WPC 30% – 35% – 75% – 80%


Die konzentrierten Molkeproteine von Milchpulver

MPC 20% – 30% – 60% – 70% – 80% – 85%

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latte in polvere